Maximize your exposure!

Maximizing your exposure is the name of the game on social media. While “likes” are great to have, they are not the ultimate goal. I had the chance to give … Continue Reading →

Rapidly Expanding Numbers

    My rack card is already out of date. Six weeks into purchasing Easy SociAbility, we’ve gone from 968 million daily active users to 1.01 billion daily active users … Continue Reading →

Outsourcing Makes Sense

Social media mistakes can happen to us all. I often see Facebook business pages that have been started up by a well-meaning business owner or employee, and then sit there … Continue Reading →

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You know that you need to be on social media. You also know it’s really not going anywhere. But, the fact of the matter is that you simply just don’t … Continue Reading →

Change is Good – but frustrating

There’s something aggravating about the effort a small business puts into making their Facebook Page look professional, only to have Facebook change all of the parameters as soon as everything … Continue Reading →

Beware Zombies!

One of the more exciting aspects of Social Media marketing is the opportunity to be creative. Social Media campaigns do not have to follow the tried and true nature of … Continue Reading →

What Do the Numbers Mean?

I love social media but there are so many people who utterly don’t understand it. They look at the wrong numbers over and over. Here are some conversations I have … Continue Reading →