Maximize your exposure!

Maximizing your exposure is the name of the game on social media. While “likes” are great to have, they are not the ultimate goal. I had the chance to give … Continue Reading →

Here to Stay

About once a month someone comments to me that they, “Wish it would all just go away.”  What they are referring to, of course, is Social Media.  The average person … Continue Reading →

Facebook Changes I’d LOVE To See

Headlines:  Everyone Mad at Latest Facebook Changes How often do you read that?  If, like me, you read tech articles and news then you see this daily.  Literally daily.  When … Continue Reading →

Facebook Serves Up Some Confusion

Have you ever thought about how much Facebook resembles comfort food? You go there and your friends are there. For the most part they are saying positive things, commenting on … Continue Reading →

The Hive Mind or Crowd Sourcing

As much as we complain about “everyone knowing our business” sometimes it is nice that people know, care and reach out.   Story.

Facebook’s Upcoming Rollout

I hate change!  Well, unless it was MY idea. This morning a friend posted on Facebook about how she loves Facebook except when they change things.  Of course, the change … Continue Reading →