Daily Grind vs. Events

The Social Media world has a lot of daily grind to it: monitoring accounts for activity and feedback, posting general and community building information, welcoming new Likes on Facebook, new … Continue Reading →

This Needs To Be Funny!

I was reading my Twitter feed last night and I came upon the following Tweet: For every RT, we’ll pledge 1 minute of hilarity during #ComedyWeek. Please RT. This needs … Continue Reading →

Who Owns Your Pictures?

In the already confusing world of digital photo ownership, Social Media has done plenty to further muddy the waters.  A year or so ago Pinterest apologized to everyone for having … Continue Reading →

Making It Count

We all have those lapses in creativity or initiative when we look at that blank box on Twitter or Facebook and we have no idea what to say.  Nothing new … Continue Reading →

Here to Stay

About once a month someone comments to me that they, “Wish it would all just go away.”  What they are referring to, of course, is Social Media.  The average person … Continue Reading →

Stacking the Deck

As my readers by now know, I am no fan of loading up a service like Hootsuite and letting it blast stuff in every direction.  And please do not misunderstand; … Continue Reading →

Around and Around We Go!

Every once in a while I run into someone who tells me that they have it all going on.  They’ve got a blog, a newsletter or ezine, Twitter, Facebook, and … Continue Reading →

Artificial vs. Organic

Facebook Spam.  If you’re going to do it, do it right! I handle a number of client accounts and yesterday I logged in as my client and in the admin … Continue Reading →