Maximize your exposure!

Maximizing your exposure is the name of the game on social media. While “likes” are great to have, they are not the ultimate goal. I had the chance to give … Continue Reading →

Rapidly Expanding Numbers

    My rack card is already out of date. Six weeks into purchasing Easy SociAbility, we’ve gone from 968 million daily active users to 1.01 billion daily active users … Continue Reading →

Outsourcing Makes Sense

Social media mistakes can happen to us all. I often see Facebook business pages that have been started up by a well-meaning business owner or employee, and then sit there … Continue Reading →

Here to Stay

About once a month someone comments to me that they, “Wish it would all just go away.”  What they are referring to, of course, is Social Media.  The average person … Continue Reading →

Marketing to Women

Our clients are creating ads and looking for Social Marketing results that really underscore a snowballing movement in the advertising world:  marketing to women.  Traditional Madison Avenue tactics are falling … Continue Reading →

Buzz or Biz?

We need lots of buzz!!! – or do we? Ahh the cloud of numbers that flood your Google Analytics and your Insights and your Klout scores.  More numbers!  More numbers!  … Continue Reading →


So Many Ways to Communicate There was a time when people spoke to each other or wrote a letter and those were the only choices they had.  Even then there … Continue Reading →