Rapidly Expanding Numbers

    My rack card is already out of date. Six weeks into purchasing Easy SociAbility, we’ve gone from 968 million daily active users to 1.01 billion daily active users … Continue Reading →

What Do the Numbers Mean?

I love social media but there are so many people who utterly don’t understand it. They look at the wrong numbers over and over. Here are some conversations I have … Continue Reading →

Facebook Serves Up Some Confusion

Have you ever thought about how much Facebook resembles comfort food? You go there and your friends are there. For the most part they are saying positive things, commenting on … Continue Reading →

The Hive Mind or Crowd Sourcing

As much as we complain about “everyone knowing our business” sometimes it is nice that people know, care and reach out.   Story.

Name Calling

Every election people complain about smear campaigns and swear that they wish that politicians would fight a clean fight.  But people do pay attention to negative publicity.  And the old … Continue Reading →

Generating New Business Via Facebook

In spite of how interactive Facebook is, many people do not realize it can be used very effectively to create relationships with targeted individual clients.  Consider this scenario: You’ve identified … Continue Reading →