Artificial vs. Organic

Facebook Spam.  If you’re going to do it, do it right! I handle a number of client accounts and yesterday I logged in as my client and in the admin … Continue Reading →

Qurious About QR Codes?

Do you scan QR codes with your smart phone?  Or have you stared at those funny squares and wondered what they could be for? I’ve read a lot of pro’s … Continue Reading →


Is Pinterest the Next Business Tool? Hmmm.  To be honest with you, my experiences with Pinterest have been irritating – just short of totally annoying.  It does not function correctly … Continue Reading →

Where Is Your Business?

A recent article in Mashable talks about the tiny percentage of individuals that use Location Based Social Media like Four Square. Does that mean you should ignore them? Not totally. … Continue Reading →

Embarrasing Internet Content? There is still hope!

This article from Life Hacker shows some good methods of getting your internet profile cleaned up.

Time Savers or Irritants?

Consolidation or Craziness? I often have the chance to review a new app or software or website that promises to save you time, consolidate all your social media channels in … Continue Reading →

Big Blue Speaks

IBM released its marketing survey and concludes that most businesses misunderstand social media. Well worth reading for anyone in the Social Media field.  

The Wholistic Approach

Sometimes you need a rifle, sometimes you need a shotgun. So often we get used to one particular tool and we use it over and over and over.  Everyone’s heard … Continue Reading →

Great New Clients!

Welcome new clients!  First of all, what a great time consulting with Harry Waranch, LMT.  Harry “claimed” his Facebook username, developed a strategy for posting and created his first Facebook … Continue Reading →