Why Don’t People Engage With My Posts?

Engagement is a much sought-after goal of all social media professionals. And that’s part of the problem. The average Facebook user is bombarded by a lot of posts claiming:

  • You won’t believe this one weird trick.
  • 5 things your best friend won’t tell you.
  • What’s your fairie name?
  • This video will make you laugh until you cry.

All of that comes in to their news feed along with information about their friends and relatives. Is it any wonder that your restaurant’s menu or store’s sale information gets neglected?

There’s just way too much. Some of this, too, has to do with concentric circles of engagement. Let’s take a restaurant. Who cares most about the new menu and most wants to share that information. Not the restaurant itself. It’s just a building and some assets and a name. It’s the people who own it, work for it, eat there, and their relatives and friends.

So who should engage first? The owners and partners. If your restaurant publishes a new menu, you should be the first to like and share it. Your mom, wife, son and daughter. Do they eat at the restaurant? Do they care about your success? Let’s get them onboard.

Next, the employees who work there. What works better? A restaurant posting that they got fresh shrimp in this morning or the same post with their bartender or best waiter or waitress inviting everyone to come in tonight and get the scampi with a cold beer? Who is going to click Like? Everyone! The bartenders best friend, the restaurant owner’s father, the waitresses husband.

At least in an ideal world, that’s how it works. In reality, many businesses post and even the business owner is too busy to click Like. But that’s the answer isn’t it? If you don’t even care about what your business posts, why would anyone else?

Want engagement, start engaging!

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