Rapidly Expanding Numbers



My rack card is already out of date.Easy Sociability Social Media Marketing pic

Six weeks into purchasing Easy SociAbility, we’ve gone from 968 million daily active users to 1.01 billion daily active users of Facebook worldwide. An additional forty-two million people have started using this social media phenomenon since June of 2015 when the 2nd quarter numbers came out. One-quarter later, 42 million more people.

As I struggled to comprehend these numbers, I finally learned earlier this week what 968 million might look like. I happened to sit next to an old friend at a Dale Carnegie seminar on “Creating a Culture that Engages and Retains Millennials”, which seemed like a good idea since I’m not one. I asked my mathematically gifted friend if she could help me put my head around this elusive concept. She quickly was able to compute that assuming that if a person is two feet wide at the shoulders, that 968 million people standing shoulder to shoulder would encircle the globe fourteen times. Crazy. That’s per day on a social media platform that was started in 2004 by a college kid in his dorm room, albeit Harvard University.

I’ve been very busy in the last six weeks and much of this has had to do with a learning curve. Learning the clients, processes, and then “feeding the content monster”. I’ve added three new clients and who knows what it will look like in six more weeks as I become even more organized, efficient, and effective at managing a minuscule piece of the overall picture. I’m grateful and excited about the possibilities.

What I do know is that all over the world, real people are turning to social media every day. They’re enjoying their family, friends, and also doing business. If your business is not active in social media you are missing your chance to increase brand awareness, achieve significant goals, and reach people on a regular basis. Contact us today at (904) 990-EASY or [email protected]


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