Qurious About QR Codes?

Do you scan QR codes with your smart phone?  Or have you stared at those funny squares and wondered what they could be for?

I’ve read a lot of pro’s and con’s about them recently but they have caught on in a big way in Europe and they probably will here too.  The key is to make it worth someone’s while to scan them.

What would make you scan a QR code?

Would you do so when waiting for a table at a restaurant if you were going to get interesting info about the restaurant and maybe a code for a free glass of wine?

Would you do so at an art gallery if it brought you to a video showing the artist painting the picture and maybe what inspired him or her?

Would you scan one on a bottle of wine if it brought up recipes that complimented that wine?

How about on the For Sale sign on a house and it brought up an online flyer about the house and its amenities?

What about in a resume which now takes you to a video with the person performing the work they tell you they are applying for?

What about a poster for a band and the QR code takes you to a song?

It could happen!


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