Great New Clients!

Welcome new clients!  First of all, what a great time consulting with Harry Waranch, LMT.  Harry “claimed” his Facebook username, developed a strategy for posting and created his first Facebook Ad.  That took up his one hour free consulting with me.    Think I am giving away too much?  I don’t.  It is folks like Harry who get something out of a free hour who are going to have an indepth look at what the paid services can accomplish.  I’ll either get more business from Harry on a case-by-case consulting basis or I’ll get some referrals.  Either way, I’ve enjoyed getting to see his sales strategy and help him plan a campaign.

Who else?  Alpha Business and Property Brokers has a business page on Facebook now!  They are not quite to the point of claiming their name but the page is looking good and the email invitations to “like” it have gone out.  Let’s see how it does.

So far it has been great adding photos, creating status posts and redesigning the logo to make it work in a tiny square.  The client hasn’t had to do a thing but relax and watch the page grow!

Last, but by no mean least, is a welcome to my new Facebook AND Twitter client, Mango Madness Skin Care.  A twitter account has been created to drive traffic to their very professional blog and therefor to expand the brand.  Additionally their Facebook account is now being managed with posts and reaching out to like industries and appropriate not-for-profits and research institutes.  Altogether some good synergy is happening for a very wonderful and effective product line of great skin care and makeup.

Want to learn more?  Visit Mango Madness on the ‘net!


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