The Wholistic Approach

Sometimes you need a rifle, sometimes you need a shotgun.

So often we get used to one particular tool and we use it over and over and over.  Everyone’s heard the saying “To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  It is important that we do not do that with Social Network Marketing.  There isn’t just a hammer in the toolbox, there is a whole set of tools in there.  Let’s look at a few of them.

Maybe you have really been rocking your Facebook Business Page and it shows.  You have good folks responding to statuses you post and you are always right on top of responding back to them.  You are building relationships like crazy.  Now you want to promote a brand new product.  Your first move is to take a photo of the product and post it on Facebook with a link and a discount coupon code to encourage buyers.  Then you sit back and put your feet up and smile!

But wait – is that really all you do?

What about a Press Release announcing the new product?  Online Press Releases are an easy way to get the word out about something you’d like the world to know.  Because bloggers frequently pick them up they may travel further than you think.  It is not that hard to write an online Press Release and it can be an effective marketing tool.  Look at this example of a Press Release promoting paraben-free anti-aging skin care.

Then your next step might be to Tweet about the new product with a link to the press release or the product info in your catalog and last but not least to blog about it yourself.

In your digital enthusiasm don’t forget to get dressed, go out into the real world and promote the item with a flyer or some other retail promotion.  Put down that hammer and get ready to use all of your tools!

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