Making It Count

We all have those lapses in creativity or initiative when we look at that blank box on Twitter or Facebook and we have no idea what to say.  Nothing new and interesting in the business world, nothing informative to impart to our customers.  What now?

I’m going to suggest something radical:  do nothing.  Go ahead, Like someone else’s post or comment favorably on their business success.  But don’t say something banal, predictable or boring.  It is so very easy to lower the appeal of your brand’s voice.  While I’m at it, I’m going to suggest that you don’t fall prey to the fake poll – this little gambit is usually phrased this way: “When do you like to eat our Lemon Pie?”  The failure of this is seen over and over again; a page has 38,423 Likes and two people responded to the poll.

Ideally, you should take some time one day to write up a list of useful things to plug in when you have lost your creativity but still need to say something on your Social Media channels.  Some of your special stock might be funny, or truly profound quotes, or information about your product that may educate consumers.  Pictures of your facility or information about the history of your business with a bit of a personal spin may also be good back stock.

Remember that your business should not be your only topic so if your company supports a local charity look them up on Facebook or Twitter and see what they are up to.  Maybe there is something you can share or make a supportive comment about.  Cleverness counts, predictability is your enemy.

When in doubt, say nothing and click. Like.

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