Facebook Changes I’d LOVE To See

Headlines:  Everyone Mad at Latest Facebook Changes

How often do you read that?  If, like me, you read tech articles and news then you see this daily.  Literally daily.  When all is said and done, everything settles down again and life goes on as before.  However mad everyone got, they got over it.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if Facebook made changes that people actually wanted?  What if Facebook upgraded some of its basic services in a way that made them more useable and helpful?

Here is an example:  What if Facebook made its search work well?  I spend a lot of time on Facebook and I often have to look up a business page on Facebook and go Like it.   Facebook returns a lot of stuff.  Never the business, even if I entered the name exactly the way it turns out to be in their User Name.  So I go to Google and use a site search and Google finds it immediately.  Well we all know Google is great at search but why isn’t Facebook at least great at searching its own database?

Another search gripe?  No way to filter what you are searching for until AFTER you search.  Yesterday I searched for a person and got four persons with similar names, 6 Spotify songs and one Facebook Place.  Let me choose to look for a person, a song, or a place. Don’t just mix ’em all together.  Once the results have come up there is a filter option on the left. Great.  So I re-submit my search and this time I searched for the person and had the filter “people” and it returned nothing but two Spotify songs.  Wow.

Search isn’t all that could be fixed.  But it would be a great start and NO ONE would complain.

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