Twitter Flutters a New Feather

Following (excuse my pun) the lead set by Facebook, Twitter has now created an easy follow button.

We’ve all seen the buttons on just about any product or article that allow you to Like that item on Facebook.  That button is important.  Rather than creating a relationship between you and the product you just Liked, when clicked an item shows up in your news feed showing that you are responding to that product.  It only takes a second and it doesn’t involve leaving the website you are on.

Now Twitter has taken that concept and made it a part of their offerings. A website deploying the new Follow Button will not have to worry that web visitors will be taken to their Twitter site and away from their main site.  Instead, the little widget will add that Twitter account to those the web visitor is already following without leaving the page.

Much friendlier way of managing things.  You can read much more about it at PCWorld.

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