Making Sense Out of The Chaos

The buzz is exciting!  The new opportunities for business exposure are amazing!  Success-building has never been easier or more…. well OVERWHELMING.

Does it all just begin to spin around in your head?  Do you feel guilty because you haven’t maximized the opportunity your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts give you?  You’re smart.  You’re a success.  And you’ve got a headache even thinking about all of this sometimes.   Let’s take it down a step and make it manageable.

  1. First, decide what Social Media venue is the best fit for your product or service.  Whether you need an active, roaring Twitter account with blasts going out every hour or a more studied and well-thought-out blog, you can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going.
  2. Put a plan in place.  You’ve heard it before – plan the work, then work the plan.  You won’t get started if you don’t map out your journey.  Decide what is going to be done, how often and in what manner.
  3. Decide who will do it.  Many small business owners assume they have to do it all and groan wondering where the time will come from.  Many bigger businesses assign social media to a temp or admin with no other instructions than “Hey, set up a facebook page.”  You can imagine how effective that is.  When you have decided what to do in step 2, deciding on “who” in step 3 becomes easier.
  4. Train.  This is the hard part.  Whoever is doing your social media for you needs direction, goals and then oversight and feedback at least in the beginning of the campaign.
  5. Evaluate.  How is it going?  What inroads into new customers have you made?  What is working and what needs to be tweaked?  Do you feel brand awareness has increased?   Are relationships being built effectively?

Following the above steps can make your Social Media presence the most valuable player in your sales toolkit.   You don’t have to do it alone.  That’s what I’m here for and what I am best at – helping you.   Call and let’s make this easy! 386-385-4743.

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